One of the best ways to train someone is to show them. In true virtual reality applications a environment can be filmed, photographed or scanned into a Virtual Reality application. In this application we can simulate the working environment and use it as a safe simulator or training environment where we can train individuals on business procedures.

In any board room, corporate environment and work space there are often new employees, existing staff that need to be trained and up skilled on, HR induction and protocols, board room communication, company induction or health and safety.

VIRTUAL REALITIES will be the 360 immersive partner to handle your board room strategy. We can create any reality desired to suit training outcome that allow all employees to get properly inducted, unskilled or trained…

But wait… Ever thought of streaming a board room meeting to stake holders across the world.

With our branded laser cut Virtual Reality glasses and 360 immersive streaming offering any corporate can have specialized stakeholder and investor participation and feedback.