Johannesburg Motor Show 2013 – Virtual Reality 360 Degree Video

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Tags: Automotive, Our Work
Date: October 16, 2013
Author: Gerald Ferreira

The “Virtual Realities Company” and some of its founding members have been actively involved in creating virtual reality solutions as early as 1998. Here is some of our early work, this was done in 2013 during the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2013. These videos were done as experiments to test out our self-developed and engineered virtual reality video camera and 360° rig system.

For more information on the Johannesburg Motor Show 2013 360° video and virtual tour visit our 360° Video Auto Show pages.

360° Videos

The Renault stand at the Johannesburg Motor Show 2013. In this short 360 Degree video you can walk through the Renault stand. At the time of filming the video 360° video was still in it’s infancy and mostly experimental. People were very surprised to see the high-tech camera rig system and we enjoyed showcasing and explaining the technology at the show while filming.

Above is the 360° video that we took at the Volkswagen stand at the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2013. These videos were still very experimental and we were testing our 360° video camera for the first time in a heavily visited event to see how the system will behave with lots of movement and people in the scenes. Virtual Realities was the first company in South Africa to shoot 360° video, and we are proud to share some of this early pioneer work with you!

A Virtual Walk through of the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2013. In this short clip we walked from the one side of the show to the other side of the show, to see how this video will come out. Interestingly looking back 3 years later it is simply awesome that the show was captured this way. Virtual Reality is like a time machine and these videos proof it. The videos in combination with a Virtual Reality headset allows your to go back into time and to immerse yourself into the Johannesburg Motor Show and to experience the event as if you were part of it. The Virtual Tour also captures the massive investment that have gone into the show.

Above is a 360° video of the Mercedes-Benz stand at the show. I personally am a big fan of Mercedes-Benz cars and it is still after all these years awesome to look at the cars that was state of the art in 2013.