Real Estate Virtual Reality and Virtual Tour Solutions

One of the best examples where Virtual Reality and Virtual Tours make the most sense in is the Real Estate industry. Virtual Reality Tours allows Real Estate agents to showcase their properties and stock to anyone anywhere. The Virtual Reality experience show the house realistically and the potential client can immerse himself into the Virtual Tour and walk through the house being able to look up and down, left and right.

Above and below is examples of Virtual Tours that we created to show how Virtual Reality and Virtual Tours can be used to showcase property online or in Virtual Reality to potential buyers.

The Virtual Tour can be placed on a Real Estate Agents website, or on other Real Estate websites where the Agent places online listings.


Real Estate Agents and Developers – The Virtual Reality Revolution

3D Virtual Reality for real estate is no longer science fiction. Already in use by some of the world’s most successful agents, it is revolutionizing the way real estate transactions are made, and raising expectations from both the buyer and seller perspective.

Virtual Reality and Virtual Tours allow buyers to explore every corner of their potential investment before they commit their time to a site visit.

Providing a fully immersive, interactive photo realistic experience, investors can be introduced to off-plan developments via smartphone-driven VR headsets such as Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard, and real estate developers can showcase new builds even before they’ve broken ground.

Essentially, they are affording their founding investors a peek into the future, giving them the benefit of knowing that what they see is what they will get.

How Virtual Realities Can Help Real Estate Agents

Virtual Realities is a Virtual Reality development, application and production company with lots of experience in practical applications for Virtual Reality and the Augmented Reality in industry beyond gaming and entertainment.

Having developers with highly specialized expertise in mobile development, virtual reality development, motion technology (gyro and accelerator integration), photo realistic environmental rendering. Making us the ideal partner and company to provide Virtual Reality solutions for the real estate industry.

By understanding the needs of this growing trend, we are ready to leverage our core competencies with the goal of leading the Virtual Reality revolution in the realm of real estate, development and property concerns.

If you are interested in Virtual Reality solutions for the Real Estate industry, please contact us to discuss potential solutions. Our company build Virtual Reality solutions from the ground up, and can create custom solutions for you.

5 Examples of how Real Estate Agents in South Africa can benefit from Virtual Reality

1. Capture Remote Customers

Ever had to move far away to another Province, another city to to another country? If you don’t know the area or are not familiar with the city where you are moving to this can be quite a daunting task. You may also have limited time to spend house hunting because of work commitments, and want to save as much time as possible when actually viewing properties. In most cases you can instantly tell if you have a bond with the property or not, just by driving into the driveway, and so can your customers if you are the Real Estate Agent.

Sometimes photos can’t quite do a place justice. A hard flash might make a space look too stark, or none at all might make a place look dark and uninviting. A photo only captures one perspective, and even then rooms look larger or smaller depending on the angle at which the photographer took the photo.

For remote buyers or renters or investors interested in investing into property, visuals can be crucial to deciding whether or not the place is for them.

This is where virtual reality can have a major impact.

Interested buyers can click through the house and view the rooms, the kitchen, dining room, living room and garden and walk through the complete house at their own time and pace. Users can view the properties in YouTube, on the Real Estate Agents website, Listing Websites, Facebook or even immerse themselves into the house by wearing a virtual reality headset. Providing the much needed perspective, ambiance and realistic perspective of the property without actually visiting the property.

Virtual Reality can help long distance buyers to get a clear view on the property they are looking at without them being at the property.

Advantages for the client:

  • The client can save time by viewing the property remotely and eliminating houses in a realistic environment.
  • The client can shortlist properties that they are interested in without having to be at the property.

Advantages to the Real Estate Agent

  • The Real Estate agent can save time and money by dealing with more customers remotely without wasting time on “No Show home buyers” or driving from one property to the next showing property which the client is not interested in.
  • The Real Estate agent can remotely drive sales of his listings without much effort.
  • The Real Estate agent can sum up clients and show them remotely properties that they can browse at their own leisure.
  • The Real Estate agent can use the Virtual Tour to remind people of some of the best features of a property and visually pointing them to the property.

2. Time is Money

By showing clients your properties in Virtual Reality can save you time and allow real estate agents to do more in a day. With Virtual Reality the Real Estate agent can meet with the clients, and then show them the properties or new development in Virtual Reality.

The experience is immersive and allow potential buyers to quickly and efficiently eliminate properties that they are not interested in. The clients can select the properties that they want to see from the virtual tour and then the Real Estate agent can arrange for these properties to be physically visited by the client.

World wide there is a steady increase in e-commerce and clients do research online. By providing Virtual Tours on listing websites also help with providing the client with more information on the property. He can browse the property on his own time and at his own leisure.

3. Leverage Social Media

Virtual Tours are not limited to websites anymore and can now be published to Facebook and YouTube and embedded into other social media platforms and websites. This allow Real Estate agents to advertise the Virtual Tours directly on Facebook. Because the tour is much more interesting than just plain photographs it tends to draw much more attention. The fact that you can now take the virtual tours online to almost any platform opens door to get much more clients to view the property than would have been possible by traditional means.

4. Get ahead of your competitors and reach more buyers

Instead of using traditional photographs, real estate agents can now show potential clients exactly what the property looks like. With virtual reality tours the client can see the home as they want to see it, they can look up, look down, look left and look right, in any direction that they want, and at their own time and pace.

Virtual Tours can tremendously increase the sales-rate, safe time and money and allow the client to see the properties in the comfort of their home without the inconvenience of visiting each and every property physically.

5. No spesial software or hardware is needed

No more headaches, no more trouble! High-quality virtual tours made by professional companies do not require software or any other IT skills! Market your property easily and effortlessly, by using today’s most impressive real estate tool: our virtual tours!

The Virtual Tour can be easily shared to Facebook, Twitter and websites allowing you to share the virtual tour on Social media as well as existing sites where the Real Estate agent is listing and advertising their properties. The link can also easily be shared with customers and with little knowledge of computers and the internet the Real Estate agent can build custom link lists for customers and email these to the customer to view.

We here at Virtual Realities take care of all the software requirements and all the Real Estate agent needs to do is to commission us to capture the house in virtual reality.

Talk to us if you are a Real Estate agent looking for a Virtual Reality Tour Solution

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