Virtual Realities on Facebook

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Date: November 2, 2016
Author: Isabella Mosime


We are on Facebook

If you are looking for a active vibrant Virtual Reality community, why not join Virtual Realities on Facebook. We have recently launched the Virtual Realities Facebook page to create a community of people interested or working in Virtual Reality. We will regularly update the page with new innovations in Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality News and using the Facebook 360 Degree capability post our and other interesting 360° video to our Facebook pages.


Join us on Facebook if you are interested in Virtual Reality

You can join us on Facebook at or look for @virtualrealitiesza on Facebook.

The purpose of our Facebook page

  • Regularly post our own work onto our Virtual Realities Facebook page
  • Create interesting posts about our latest virtual reality technology and innovation to our Facebook page.
  • Regularly post interesting news about VR on our Facebook page
  • Keep our readers up to date with the latest advances in VR
  • Post interesting stuff about VR
  • Share tutorials and tips on Virtual Reality
  • Provide case studies about Virtual Reality
  • Review Virtual Reality Hardware.

The main purpose of the Virtual Realities pages is to keep our friends and subscribers up to date with what is happening in the virtual reality space.

What is Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment. To explore these environments or worlds, people must wear special glasses or a head-mounted display that enables total immersion and the ability to interact with and/or manipulate objects. Sensory stimuli such as images and sound usually add to the experience. The entertainment and arts industries are areas which use virtual reality technology, but there is a growing demand for expertise in STEM fields such as architecture, engineering, and medicine.

In all fields, the goal of virtual reality is to provide real-time appropriate responses to avoid disrupting the user and offer a seamless experience.