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Virtual Reality for Events and 360° Video Campaigns

The world has evolved and is as small as any 7inch smart phone. No matter where they are, who they are, limited only by data we invite you to bring any fan and event goer into VIRTUAL REALITIES.

In our immersive your event can be streamed, uploaded and experience across the world, our production team has the ability to create a 360-degree immersive event and campaign.

VIRTUAL REALITIES is the next level in event attendance, so wherever your clients are across the world; your event and campaign will be packaged for them to indulge in on your branded wooden cut virtual reality headset, smart phone or computer that can access the internet.

The Markex event in 360° Video and Virtual Reality

You can also watch the 360° Markex Video on YouTube

The Johannesburg International Motor Show in 360° Video

For more 360° Videos of the Johannesburg Motor Show visit the 360° Video Auto Show pages. You can also watch these videos on our 360 Video YouTube channel.

360 Video Productions, Distribution and Design

VIRTUAL REALITIES is a full service production asset that will cater to your needs from Pre to Post Production.
Our team had taken strides in virtual reality content creation

With a pedigree in traditional media production over ten years. Spanning across a variety of formats; from corporate productions, media pitch concepts,music video production, television production, casting, creative direction, below the line format.

VIRTUAL REALITIES is the leader is using traditional Media techniques from brand integration narratives, to specialized graphic integration, 2D/3D animation to gaming and narrative integration.

VIRTUAL REALITIES team will immerse your content into 360 immersive worlds that will leave you with viewers cult fans for your content.

We specialize in script development, brand inserted narratives,pre production, production,post production including animation, graphics,software and hardware development for 360 Virtual reality content .



Mall and Event Functions and Virtual Reality Activations

If your brand is looking for the best way to let your clients preview destinations and adventures VIRTUAL REALTIES is your solution.

Our innovative way to creating content that will immerse clients wherever they are shopping, visiting with our 360 mobile cinemas.

VIRTUAL REALITIES has experience in creating the mobile 360 activation or expo that will best suit your brand and immerse potential clients for you.

Using VR players with your uploaded content we can take clients on previews of a vacation, destination, upcoming event anywhere across the world.

This unique experience will allow your brand an added advantage of communication with your clients; you don’t have to ask them to imagine, simply put on our VR Players on their heads and immerse them


Are you looking for a virtual reality solution? Perhaps searching for a company in South Africa that specialise in Virtual Reality Software Development in South Africa? Need advice on a Virtual Reality project, event or activation? Or want to find out how you can use virtual reality as part of your marketing?

We are here to help! If you have any questions about virtual reality talk to us today, and we will go the extra mile to assist you!

Virtual Realities Address:

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Virtual Reality Software Development Offices:
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Maxum Digital Offices:
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