Please keep in mind that most of the work on this page is from 2010 - 2013 (We have the latest technology to make it look even more awesome!)

360° Video and Virtual Reality in the Automotive Industry!

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The Johannesburg Motor Show 2013 was one of the first events that we recorded in 360° Video and Virtual Reality. We developed one of our first 360° cameras specifically to film the Johannesburg Motor Show in Virtual Reality.

Below is some of the 360° video that we took at the Johannesburg International Motor Show

Mercedes-Benz 360° Video and Virtual Tour

Check out the Mercedes-Benz stand in virtual reality. Mercedes-Benz had one of the biggest stands at the 2013 Johannesburg International Motor show. See for yourself how much effort and investment Mercedes-Benz South Africa made into the motor show.

Mercedes-Benz 360° Video

360° Video of the Car Magazine Stand

The Car Magazine is one of the most popular automotive magazines in South Africa. In this 360° video you can see the investment in the form of the stand which car magazine made into the Johannesburg Motor Show.

Johannesburg Motor Show – 360° Video Walk

Here is a quick walk through of the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2013. We created our own 360° Video camera to shoot the Johannesburg Motor Show. These were some of our first videos that we shot in 360° video. This was way before the commercial 360° camera systems that we have today! Looking back you can call this our innovative and experimental phase!

Volkswagen 360° Video

Can’t remember which cars was hot in 2013, simply visit the Volkswagen 360° video that we took at the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2013 and see for yourself. In this video we walk-through the Volkswagen stand and you can look around in 360 Degrees and experience the moment. You can also immerse yourself into the experience using Virtual Reality goggles.

Renault 360° Video

Check out the Renault stand at the Johannesburg 2013 Motor Show at the Nasrec expo center. You can immerse yourself into the Johannesburg Motor Show and watch the Renault stand as if you were at the show.

Virtual Reality in the Automotive Industry

See more examples of Virtual Reality and 360° Videos in the Automotive Industry and learn how companies can benefit from Virtual Reality and 360° video.
Virtual Reality in the Automotive Industry


Below is a static 360° Virtual Tour of the Johannesburg Motor Show 2011. The virtual tour can be viewed on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone in normal view. The Virtual Tour is also available via Virtual Reality. All you need to do is strap on your VR Headset, click on the VR icon and you can start viewing the Virtual Tour in Virtual Reality as if you were at the show!

Johannesburg Motor Show

360° Car Interiors

Just think about how many people can view this car on the internet, as if they were actually in the car. Below is a 360° Interior view of a Isuzu Bakkie, you can look inside the vehicle, up, down, left or right in full 360 Degrees and explore the car as if the car was really in front of you in Virtual Reality!

Today we have so much more capability! All the work above was done in 2011 to 2013 – If you want to see what we can do today, feel free to contact us!


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