The HTC VIVE Virtual Reality headset and system is one of the most affordable and advanced virtual reality headsets currently available to consumers. Our company is one of only a few South African companies that owns and rent out HTC VIVE Systems in South Africa. We develop virtual reality solutions inside the HTC VIVE System and to date created several virtual reality games for South African corporate companies using the HTC VIVE.

I had one HTC VIVE still in the box, and thought that I will create a short video showing what is in the box when you buy or rent a HTC VIVE from us. Inside the box you have the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality headset. The headset connects to a computer and via the computer and the headset you can experience room scale virtual reality. Room Scale virtual reality is the REAL thing, unlike current mobile virtual reality systems the HTC VIVE allows you to move around inside virtual reality similarly to how you would move in the real world.

The HTC VIVE experience is awesome compared to Mobile Virtual Reality which is not yet (or even close to) as advanced as Room Scale Virtual Reality. Right after I bought my first HTC VIVE a reported asked how the experience is different to mobile virtual reality. My answer was simple, the HTC VIVE experience is probably ten thousand times more immersive and better than the mobile counterpart.

What is in the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Box?

I recorded the above video to show you all that is in the box, you can watch the video and see how the HTC VIVE connects to the computer and how the cables go into the HTC VIVE Headset itself.

  • The HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Headset
  • The HTC VIVE Controllers (There is two controllers inside the box)
  • Two USB Cables and two USB chargers.
  • Two Base Stations, these are the devices that allows for room scale virtual reality and assist with tracking in virtual reality.
  • Two power adapters for the HTC VIVE base stations.
  • One lens cleaner cloth.
  • The HTC VIVE link box, which is the link (hub) between the HTC VIVE and the computer.
  • One USB cable connecter for the HTC VIVE to Computer
  • One HDMI cable for the link between the link box and the computer.
  • HTC VIVE Stickers
  • Two HTC VIVE bracket mounts
  • The Warranty Booklet, plus instructions on how to setup the HTC VIVE
  • A Poster inside the HTC VIVE box with setup instructions.
  • You might also have received a promo code inside your HTC VIVE Box which allows you to download a free game or free application from the HTC VIVE website.