Virtual Reality South Africa

Virtual Reality in South Africa


By the looks of it, seems like Virtual Reality is the new digital marketing trend in South Africa. We here at Virtual Realities is a Virtual Reality production company based in Johannesburg South Africa and in the few months from October to December we have seen a huge increase in agencies contacting us wanting to offer their clients virtual reality solutions.

We decided to look at Virtual Reality solutions that South African companies have done and how South Africa is pioneers in Virtual Reality Marketing.

South Africa and Virtual Reality Solutions

One of the first companies in South Africa which made use of a Virtual Reality solution was IVECO South Africa. They already used a 360° Virtual Reality video solution in

South Africa and Virtual Reality Solutions

Here is some of the exciting things happening in the Virtual Reality industry in South Africa.

One of the first companies in South Africa which made use of a Virtual Reality solution was IVECO South Africa. They already used a 360° Virtual Reality video solution in 2014 when they launched the IVECO Trucks South Africa assembly plant in Roslyn Pretoria. In this virtual reality 360° video you can watch the press conference live as if you were there at the time.

Business Connexion

Business Connextion launched their virtual tour of their data-center on May 25, 2016 allowing people from all over the world to watch the infrastructure of Business Connextion data-centers.

South African Tourism, Virtual Reality and 360° video

Between 12th – 15th February 2016 the 5 Minute Holiday was published as 5 shorted 360 videos for South African Tourism’s Facebook page. These videos have since received over a million views with thousands of enthusiastic comments and is a great example of how using cross-platforms can give you a bigger ROI and take your audience from hundreds to millions.
You can also watch the 360° video experience on the South African Tourism website.

Amarula Virtual Reality and 360 Video Experience

One of the first liquor companies in South Africa to start using Virtual Reality was Amarula with their Amarula VR – Made from Africa virtual reality campaign.

The 3 minutes 45 seconds 3D-360º experience will be rolled out using Samsung Gear VR headsets and Oculus Rift units around the world in travel retail, focusing on duty free shops in major airports. The experience was created by DeepVR.

The video unlocks the story of the product and how it is truly made from Africa; from the marula trees growing wild, to the maturation houses and eventual product experience – each scene offers the consumers a step in the Amarula brand story and the Amarula process.

Coca-Cola – Cassper Nyovest and Diamond Platnumz – 360 perfromance

On the 12th of November 2016 Coca-Cola South Africa launched the Cassper Nyovest and Diamond Platnumz 360 video of their performance, “My Heart” in three-hundred and sixty degree video. This video is available on Facebook and on YouTube. People can use a Google Cardboard or Virtual Reality video to immerse themselves into the studio where the song was recorded.

Mercedes-Benz South Africa – Virtual Reality Experience

In the Automotive industry it looks like Mercedes-Benz is taking the lead when it comes to using Virtual Reality and 360° videos as part of their marketing strategy. Mercedes-Benz South Africa have already launched a couple of Virtual Reality videos and by the looks of it they are going to bring a couple more.

The Mercedes-Benz Virtual Reality videos have been viewed by more that a million people since they have launched, and these numbers seems to grow daily. The 360° video campaigns was launched on Facebook and on YouTube. We tested the Virtual Reality experience in our Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets and the experience was simply awesome! – From the South African companies utilizing VR as part of their marketing strategies we here at Virtual Realities think Mercedes-Benz South Africa is taking the lead!

Neotel 360° Video

In this short 360° Video Neotel takes you on a fast paced 360° drive through Johannesburg towards their head office which are based in Midrand Johannesburg.

Spur South Africa – Augmented Reality

The Spur group of Steakhouse restaurants and a household name in South Africa, is now selling Virtual Reality headsets at their restaurants. They are selling these headsets for R20.00 at their steak houses and various Spur Restaurants helping to bring Virtual Reality to South Africa and making virtual reality in South Africa fun and affordable.

Spur South Africa – Virtual Reality

The Spur Foundation, through the Full Tummy Fund, brought the #TasteForLife to the little patients at St. Joseph’s Home for Children. The Foundation donated R40,000 towards the new sensory therapy room at St. Josephs. We also created the ultimate Spur party – so now the kids could visually live their dreams with the power of #SpurGoggles, #VirtualReality viewer.

Virtual Realities on E-TV on the Frenzy Show

They are talking about Virtual Reality on Television. This is a 360° video that we took when Frenzy interviewed us about Virtual Reality. Check out the 360° video and see for yourself what the Frenzy set looks like…

Virtual Reality is Live and well in South Africa

As you can see from the above it looks like virtual reality is live and well in South Africa. Some of the most well-known brands in South Africa have already made use of 360° Virtual Reality videos as part of their marketing strategies and it looks like more and more South African companies is going to launch their own 360° video and virtual reality solutions soon.

It is awesome to see that South African companies are at the forefront of Virtual Reality solutions and bringing virtual reality to the masses.

Here at Virtual Realities we specialize in Virtual Reality solutions and we can help bring your Virtual Reality dreams to live. Speak to one of our Sales people if you are interested in creating your own Virtual Reality solution for your company, you can find their details on our contact us page, and find out how we can help you!