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The Virtual Realities is a full 360 Degree Virtual Reality and 360° Production Company. We create 360° videos and Virtual Reality environments! Virtual Reality is our entire business focus. Our cameras capture 2D (monoscopic, for online 360° videos) and 3D (stereoscopic, for virtual reality headset videos) footage.

We use the highest quality photography, 360°video and virtual reality equipment on the market capable of up to 8K export quality virtual reality 360° video in virtual reality. Our virtual reality team comprises the most experienced VR directors, artists and producers and cinematographers on the African continent.

We specialize in immersive, interactive 360° video production and virtual reality for smartphones and high-end virtual reality like the HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift.

We are the Virtual Reality Production Company of South Africa



The definition of Virtual Reality can be described from the two terms ‘Virtual’ and ‘Reality’. The term ‘Virtual’ refers to something that is not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so whereas ‘Reality’ is the state of everything that actually exists.

So from this we know that ‘Virtual Reality’ is ‘Almost Reality’. Us human beings simulate and understand reality through our sense of sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing. This input sensory information gets processed and assimilated by our brains so that we can get a comprehensive understanding of the environment (reality) surrounding us. Logically then if we adjust the input information of our senses then our perception of reality will also be altered. You are experiencing a reality that isn’™t actually there but from your viewpoint it is real.

Generally Virtual Reality is delivered through a device that is worn that provides the user with a computer generated version of reality. The user is completely immersed into a simulated reality that is projected onto a VR head mounted display (HMD). In other words with Virtual Reality you can be transported into to another World whilst being at the comfort of your desk or living room.



Virtual Realities is a proudly South African company with its head offices in the buzzing city of Johannesburg South Africa. Although we are South African based we offer national and international virtual reality and 360° video production services. If you are looking for a professional Virtual Reality or 360° video production please contact Gerald Ferreira on +27 72 234 7513 for more information.



For 100 years, we’ve become accustomed to watching content on a fixed frame, which has served us well. But we’ve always been removed from the story because we’ve only ever been able to tell a story from a 3rd person point-of-view. Virtual reality, for the first time in history, allows us to immerse ourselves inside the story and experience it as if we were physically present in the virtual reality environment, whether it is real or computer generated.

Virtual Reality has the power to completely shift how we use content to engage with, educate and entertain fans, clients, employees and buyers. In a virtual reality environment you can show products and infrastructure without being present at the location where such infrastructure or products are based.


Some of our creative 360° video and virtual reality clients are featured below.














Are you looking for a virtual reality solution? Perhaps searching for a company in South Africa that specialise in Virtual Reality Software Development in South Africa? Need advice on a Virtual Reality project, event or activation? Or want to find out how you can use virtual reality as part of your marketing?

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Virtual Reality Software Development Offices:
11 Scafell Road, Floracliffe, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1709.

Maxum Digital Offices:
111 Smith Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, 2000

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