Youth Day 16 June 2016 – Soweto South Africa

June 16, 2016
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June 16, 2016 Gerald Ferreira

We decided to take our 360° video camera rig to Soweto on Youth Day 16 June 2016, and to record some of the things that happened the day. The Soweto Uprising, also known as 16 June, were a series of protests led by high school students in South Africa that began on the morning of 16 June 1976 in Soweto. The students protested about the Afrikaans language being used in education. On June 16 the day commemorates the Soweto Uprising which took place in our South Africa in 1976. The day is celebrated every year, in order to recognize the role of the youth in the liberation of South Africa from the apartheid regime.


360° Video Vilakazi Street Soweto Skateboarding

The 3rd KDC Grand Slam Regional Qualifier Skateboarding event took place on Vilakazi Street in Soweto to celebrate youth day with an incredible day of skateboarding and good vibes. Vilakazi Street is where former president Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela resided. It is a top tourism spot in Soweto and usually the buzz is happening there.

The KDC Vilakazi Street Soweto Skateboarding event served as a qualifying event for the South African Skateboarding Championships event that is happening later this year in South Africa on October 3, 2016 to October 8, 2016 at the Kimberley Diamond Cup Skateboarding championship.

Above is one of the 360° Videos we took at the Vilakazi Street Soweto Skateboarding competition on Youth Day in Soweto 16 June 2016.

More Images from our Soweto Youth Day 360° Video Shoot


Our Self Developed 360° Video Camera – This baby originated in 2013 already and still does the job!


Rudi Interviewing some of the Youth at the Skateboard competition on Youth day 2016 in Soweto Johannesburg.


Rudi Snyders moving the camera to a new spot during our 360° video filming project in Soweto.


The Kimberley Diamond Cup – Skateboard Championship arena on Youth Day 16 June 2016.


Rudi doing some more interviews with the kids at the event.

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